Hi everyone! I thought it was time to give some updates on future plans and what I've been working on. It's been a long time since I have and I wanted you to know that things are going to be changing a little.
For 2017 I plan to focus more on my other pen name, Brenda K. Davies. For the past four years, I've been more focused on my Erica Stevens pen name as I had more ideas for stories that would fit better under that name, but at this time ideas have swung the other way. That doesn't mean I have no ideas for Erica, I still have TONS of them and they will continue to come out!
At this point, I had planned to be further ahead in my writing and future works than I am right now, but these past 5 months or so have been extremely hectic as we all know life can be. However, starting at some point in 2017, I plan to start releasing a witch series that I wrote many years ago (not saying how many years). The series needs MAJOR rewrites and most likely a complete overhaul, as I plan to change it around a lot, but it will be coming!
I'd also like to try to find the time to write two contemporary, coming of age stories. Not entirely sure how it will all work, but those two stories have been bugging me for a while, so it's only a matter of time before they find their way out. :)
Between some health concerns (nothing major, but I'd like to keep it that way), losing loved ones, realizing it's time to spend more time on keeping me healthy, and with my family, I've decided to take my doctor's advice to try to reduce stress. The first step in this is that on December 1st, I will be bringing someone in to help me with my pages, book club, and other things. I will still be interacting, posting things, and replying to you, but Jamie Davis will be helping me make things more fun and allowing me more time to focus on writing. You will ALWAYS know if it's me or Jamie responding to you. Some of you may already have the good fortune of knowing Jamie, but if you don't, I know you're going to love her! She is a lot of fun and has some amazing book recommendations!
Thank you all for your continued support, kind words, and understanding, it means the world to me. <3 I'm looking forward to all that 2017 has to bring and can't wait to share even more stories with you!

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